ModaPharma Review – A Reliable Option Or A Diddle Drug Shop

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ModaPharma Review – A Reliable Option Or A Diddle Drug Shop

ModaPharma Review –  Digital age of today definitely has changed the shopping scenario. But when it comes to buying drugs online, you have to be extra careful with the obvious reasons. Online reviews come in to picture when you really want to know about an online Pharmacy. Undoubtedly, ModaPharma is a well-known online pharmacy. So, here we will let you know the honest reviews of ModaPharma.

Modapharma Review

Most buyers end up choosing the wrong online pharmacy because of the fake promises & claims made by the websites. Other reasons could include ineffective drugs or poor services. ModaPharma is among the top results on the search engines, but that does not mean you could trust them. So to guide you better, we have come up with the most unbiased ModaPharma review of 2018.

What ModaPharma is all about?

For the one who knows a little about ModaPharma, it exports smart drugs from India. They deliver in almost every country except some. The digital team of theirs might be working well so that it is always on top in the result pages. But that does not give any proof of their quality services and products.

There is only one way to judge how well a drug vendor is doing. And that way is experience, whether it’s your own or of the other customers. So if you want to know is ModaPharma a reliable vendor, we will guide you regarding this. Smart drugs have created a buzz already. And different pharmacies are earning high with its high demand. But if you are up for quality, then ModaPharma services might not be your cup of tea. So know about is ModaPharma safe, scroll down further.

Unbiased ModaPharma Customer Reviews 2018

With becoming an online buyer, you need to take care of online safety policies too. You can do it by using different platforms to gather the information for a safe purchase decision. Most of you must have given it a thought of buying drugs online from ModaPharma. Read this ModaPharma online review before ordering modafinil online from this vendor.

But before you do that take a look on the below mentioned ModaPharma online reviews 2018. This will acknowledge you well whether ModaPharma is a legit online modafinil online pharmacy or scam shop. Maybe this can act as a scam alert to stay away from that vendor.

Unnecessary Mails

Isn’t it annoying for all of us to have a load of unnecessary emails in our inbox? Well, if reviews are to be believed ModaPharma does that consistently. Some people have reviewed that they receive strange emails from ModaPharma. And these emails claim them as their existing customers and offers second time purchase which is totally fake.

Expensive Smart Drugs

Comparing the prices of ModaPharma online drug store with any other, you will definitely find it more expensive. Modafinil and armodafinil tablet have skyrocketing prices, which you can get on half rates from the other top online pharmacies such as Modafinil Star.

Poor Drug Quality

Customers are reviewing ModaPharma as the poor quality smart drug vendor. No nootropic effects are being observed by a maximum set of customers. So beware of choosing an online drug vendor only after seeing search engine results or rankings. This is all that we have to say about its drug quality based on the ModaPharma Reddit reviews.

Extra Shipping Charges

Next ModaPharma review which can affect your purchase decision is the shipping charges. They are charging $10.00 per order. Different online pharmacies like Modafinil Star and All Day Up are offering free express shipping. Below mentioned are some of the other drawbacks of ModaPharma.

  • Customers cannot easily see their shipping details, thanks to the quality services that ModaPharma offers.
  • No tracking details of the orders.

Fake Claim of Being in Top News Outlets

Yes, whatever the “in the news’ article contains, doesn’t show anything about ModaPharma. Instead, the mentioned news outlets have talked about the modafinil popularity and effects. This surely makes them an unworthy online pharmacy.

Less Informational “About Us”

Very less informational data is available at ModaPharma home page. The lesser information, more customers will be misguided in the purchase decision. A full fledge information on self is what builds the pillar of customer trust.

Less Responsive to the Customer Queries

Online customer reviews show that some of them are not receiving the proper follow up. Even they are not being cleared on their queries and inconvenience. So this shows their poor customer handling skills.

Also, what becomes icing on the cake is that buyers do not receive any receipt or invoice for the ordered product. This shows how irresponsible this vendor is.

No Quality Certification Mentioned

Quality certification is another factor what puts the foundation of trust. And customers are not getting this foundation with ModaPharma. So you will be solely responsible for what you choose to buy from ModaPharma. This has to be one of the most negative ModaPharma review keeping the aforementioned in mind.


It is important to look at both sides of the coin. You should always do a proper research before purchasing any online drug. Ranking on the top in the result pages doesn’t determine its drug quality. We have listed some major points to take into consideration while making an online purchase from ModaPharma. Rest the final decision will be yours.

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