Afinil Express Review: Necessary Information To Know About

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November 26, 2018
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Afinil Express Review: Necessary Information To Know About

afinil express review

Afinil Express Review –  Online shopping gives us a comfort in every possible way.


And getting the desired cognitive enhancers at your doorstep is how online stores are helpful.


But the real question is, these online drugs are really effective?


Fancy statements and attractive discount schemes are what make every customer buy products.


Here, we will review Afinil Express and examine whether the scam rumors are founded in reality or not.


Afinil Express Review



One online pharmacy is Afinil Express and you might have seen it at the top of Google. However, it’s the customer reviews that present the clearest pictures in front of you.

Alas, here we will be discussing AfinilExpress and whether or not you should be buying Modafinil or Armodafinil from this online pharmacy.



What is Afinil Express?


Afinil Express is an India-based online pharmacy that exports Modafinil and Armodafinil to the US & many other countries as well.


Still, there are some countries that don’t allow the importation of Modafinil or Armodafinil, Thus, they are not delivered there.


This is all that we know about the company if we are to visit its official website.


They have only mentioned marketing cliches that can attract customer interest.


Essential information that should be part of any e-commerce site is rather thin.


The “About us” page contains more details on the smart drugs than actual information about the company’s history or their staff.


Afinil Express reviews of 2018


Presence of Afinil Express in the top results may lead you to believe that they are the best online Modafinil vendor.


You can take a look at reviews spread among the results from page 1 and 2 to check the experiences of other people.


A little care and research in advance can help you save lots of time and money.


Let’s see some major facts about Afinil Express you need to know about before you buy modafinil or armodafinil online from them.


Order Tracking Problems


Most of the negative reviews regarding Afinil Express are about their order tracking system.


You will find an endless number of customers complaining about facing difficulties in tracking their orders.


The pop-ups that appear on the website are “undeliverable as addressed”.



Superficial customer support


Past customers are complaining a lot on Reddit and other platforms of the lack of customer support of Afinil Express.


Just a simple Google search and you will find some other Afinil Express reviews on Reddit and other communities dealing with the same problems and others as well.



Late Shipments and Delivery of Drugs


Another issue that customers have noted is the improper services like late shipment and not informing the customers regarding the delivery timeline.


The buyer is confronted with lots of ambiguity and this may lead him to question whether Afinil Express is a scam or trustworthy Modafinil vendor.



Unwanted Promotional Mails


Another thing which the customers find irritating is the fact that Afinil Express have the knack of sending spam emails.


Their e-mail system is seen as irritating and some feel that they should be giving important information, rather than spam random facts about Modafinil.



Highest prices in the industry


Another important issue which customers find confusing is the high pricing system in comparison to other vendors.


Other vendors, such as Modafinil Star, offer Waklert, Modalert, Modvigil or Artvigil at significantly lower costs.


You can go through the below-mentioned table to compare the prices if you are to buy 300 pills:


Smart Drug Afinil Express Modafinil Star
Modalert $ 0.98/pill $ 0.89/pill
Modvigil $ 0.8/pill $ 0.75/pill
Waklert $ 1/pill $ 0.90/pill
Artvigil $ 0.92/pill $ 0.89/pill


Afinil Express don’t accept payments via credit card


Payment options are insufficient to satisfy most customers. This is most likely to avoid paying taxes. This may place the business in danger of losing ground in front of other vendors who do accept credit card as a means of payment.


Privacy concerns


Privacy concerns have also come to light from some customers’ public complaints.


One customer has said,” My temporary card was used to make a purchase on the Playstation network after purchasing with Afinil Express.”



Problems Regarding Replacement of the Order


A number of negative reviews have stated that, if you will buy from Afinil Express, you will be confronted with poor replacement services.


Customers are reporting that the customer handling team is not performing its tasks well and some suspect that they are fooling customers with fake promises.



The truth behind the mentions


They are claiming that they have created a buzz in the market and even the top news outlets are talking about them which they have mentioned in their official website.


However, the truth is that these news outlets (the Guardian, The Economist, Scientific American, BBC News, WIRED) have talked about the modafinil’s popularity and not about Afinil Express, as they would let you believe.




When buying Modafinil or Armodafinil online, you should find one reliable vendor and stick with it.

Make sure they are operating legitimately and pay close attention to how their communication occurs.

To avoid issues like these, you can do some further reading with regards to other Afinil Express reviews spread across the web.

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