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Review of ModafinilStar: 5 Stars for the Star

ModafinilStar: An Excellent Modafinil Vendor ModafinilStar is a new pharmacy that sells modafinil (in both modalert and Modafil MD formulas), pharm armodafinil, dosage and piracetam. Let’s see how they stack up to the competition. I’m extremely impressed with their quality and service. First impressions Right away I like the clean look of the website. No… Read more »

Modafinil Compared to other Nootropics

Modafinil: The Best Nootropic Google searches for smart drugs and nootropics continue to rise, ailment especially after the popularity of films such as Lucy and Limitless, which feature characters who take special pills to get incredible abilities. This of course seems like science fiction, and the dramatic scenes in movies are exaggerated. But are nootropics… Read more »