How much Modafinil Should you Take?

What’s the right dose of Modafinil?

The right dose can make or break your experience

The right dose can make or break your experience

The FDA standard dosage for modafinil is 200mg, a single pill. But many users like to cut their pills in half and take smaller doses. And others will try more modafinil in hopes of getting more effects. If you’re thinking about buying modafinil from one of the many sites out there, like Modafinilstar or Modafinilcat, then read on and figure out how much you should take and how much you will need.

Low dose of modafinil: 100mg or lower

Doses near the 100mg mark are quite popular. I myself use 100mg when I have a light day and don’t feel the need for a full 200mg, but would like the extra energy and focus. Low doses also make your money go further, which is useful if you’re on a tight budget. Also, low doses tend to reduce or outright eliminate the occurrence of side effects, great if you find modafinil uncomfortable for whatever reason.

Low doses are often recommended for new users to get a feel for modafinil and find out whether or not a full dose is necessary.

A low dose will have a similar peak to a standard dose, meaning about 8-12 hours of peak performance. However, a low dose tends to decline quickly once it nears the half-life and from there may not be effective. Sleep comes easier on a low dose, I’ve even been able to take a nap.

Regular dose of modafinil: 200mg

This is the gold standard of modafinil doses, the pill arrives in a neat 200mg disc, you pop it out of the foil, swallow it down, and get to work. Tried, tested, true, there’s little that you can’t do with 200mg of modafinil. Having said that, some people find the dose to be a bit excessive or overstimulating, particularly people with lower body masses.
Clinical trials have shown that the 200mg range tends to have a very low incidence of side effects, with less than 10% of users reporting any issues, mostly minor.

A 200mg dose should last for 12 hours and from there wear out in a couple of hours. Sleeping while on a 200mg dose is very difficult so you should plan accordingly.

Some people divide a 200mg dose into two 100mg doses. This can be good if you want to have peak effects for a short while, perhaps your morning work, and then another dose in the afternoon.

Large dose of modafinil: 400mg

Most users report no adverse effects but find instead an improvement in wakefulness and alertness. It seems that those who experience side effects will feel them more on 400mg and those who don’t normally get them may experience them slightly or not at all.

Larger doses can also be achieved by taking 200mg twice in the same day. This isn’t usually recommended as it’s likely to make sleep difficult, but with proper timing it can work well. A friend of mine was taking 200mg at 6 AM and another 200mg at 12 PM before lunch. He’d end up getting 18 hours of video editing a day done during the course of a week, before getting to bed at 12 PM.

A 400mg dose will last longer than a normal dose, and the intensity of the effects will be greater for a longer duration, but the same half-life applies and it will eventually fade out, albeit a few hours later. It’s more likely that your dose will provide more than 12 hours, closer to 15, of good solid modafinil time.

Large doses are perfectly safe and have been clinically approved. However it’s still recommended that you don’t take a large dose as your first one, just in case you might be allergic to the medication.

The best way to take modafinil

Take 100mg the first time you try it. If the effects aren’t strong enough, go for 200mg next time. Heavier people may want to try 400mg if a regular dose isn’t good enough. Remember to stay hydrated as modafinil causes you to lose water.

Modafinil is very affordable now as more websites like Modafinilstar and Modup compete to lower prices. If you’re worried about the cost, remember that 100mg doses are great for getting work done and avoiding side effects. So you can double your money by taking smaller doses of modafinil!